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Why life is harder on American families than it's been in decades—the book that takes the blame away from moms and puts it where it really belongs Pressed for time and money, unable to find decent affordable daycare, wracked with guilt at falling short of the mythic supermom ideal-working and non-working American mothers alike have it harder today than they have in decades, and they are worse off than many of their peers around the world.

Because they're raising their kids in a family-unfriendly nation that virtually sets them up to fail.

Mother’s Day and the War on Moms

The War on Moms exposes the stress put on families by an outdated system still built around the idea that women can afford not to work. It tells the truth that overworked, stressed-out American moms need to hear—that they're not alone, and they're not to blame.

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Show more Show less Reviews How employers make child-rearing an emotional and financial burden for women The joy of having a baby quickly morphed into logistical panic when Devorah Gartner learned her newborn had suffered a prenatal stroke and needed daily physical therapy. So the computer software manager asked her employer for a month's leave to care for her daughter. The answer was no, which meant Gartner had to quit her job to care for her child. She lost her health insurance and spiraled into debt. The U.

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The happy event of a birth often presages disaster for women in this country, the majority of whom get little support in the form of affordable, quality childcare or guaranteed paid maternity leave. Lerner wants to get the revolution started, and her book is a direct appeal for federal intervention to help moms struggling to hold jobs and raise kids at the same time. Dads have challenges too, and increasingly pitch in with housework and childcare, but it's mothers who still, on average, weather the financial and domestic impact of raising children.

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After becoming parents, most women's incomes go down, while for men, salaries go up. Giving birth, writes Lerner, is "the new financial turning point in many women's lives.

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  4. The debate of the past decade over whether women should choose to work or stay home with kids is a perverse diversion, argues Lerner persuasively. There is, in fact, no real choice.

    'The War on Moms' by Sharon Lerner - Los Angeles Times

    Women usually neither "opt out" of work, nor do they gamely pump breast milk while typing on BlackBerrys in executive suites, since so few occupy those suites to being with, and so many are pushed out by employers hostile to flex-time or part-time work. One of Lerner's most important contributions here is to remind working parents that the out-of-control feeling is not their fault: It's a policy problem. The United States is one of just a handful of countries that do not offer paid maternity leave. Nations such as Germany or Australia dole out money just for having kids. And after infancy is over, there is free, high-quality childcare in France, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden.

    Sharon Lerner on the War on Moms

    In the United States, on the other hand, childcare centers are often costly or dicey, with few regulations and low pay for teachers. Nor is she terribly concerned with the gritty details of political solutions at home. Instead, Lerner wants change, and she wants it now. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms. Please enable and try again.

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