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Couldn't she also have become a product developer for washing machines, aircraft or television technology?

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When she continues, her inflection is anything but tongue-in-cheek:. The educated industrial engineer has worked in the development department at B. Specifically, this relates to an infusion hose that safely and continually directs the infusion fluid into the patient's body with a drip chamber and roller clamp, via a pump. Her audible wink has returned.

Her greatest challenge: "Patience! I'm someone who needs to feel like I'm getting somewhere. That's probably why I love cycling and jogging.

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Product development is a long road, however — sometimes with setbacks and delays. Sometimes it really tests my limits. The transition into a "job—free zone," as she describes the start of her parental leave a few weeks ago, was not easy for her.

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The genetic makeup that she and her husband — a physician — will instill in their child's DNA remains to be seen in the coming years. But a certain tinker's gene and a soft spot for medical technology would probably surprise no one. Braun, we work hard every day to improve the medical care of patients around the world. What makes us successful? Our experience, over years.

Our innovative strength, which turns our vision into reality.

Goblin Tinkerer

And our passion, that motivates our employees to make B. Braun one of the world's leading medical technology companies.

ProSets modular system helps to define standards and increases the quality and safety of daily work in the hospital. The field of infusion therapy describes treating a patient with intravenous infusion solutions in order to enable patient recovery or improve their condition.

A streak of perfectionism

Depending on the underlying illness, the solution can also contain an appropriate active pharmaceutical ingredient. You have successfully logged out. Monday, June 19, Nice-to-Have and Must-Haves Couldn't she also have become a product developer for washing machines, aircraft or television technology? When she continues, her inflection is anything but tongue-in-cheek: "But it's another question when it comes to whether I work on nice-to-haves or must-haves: Medical technology products help people to become healthy, or even to survive — making a contribution to this makes me feel fulfilled.

Read more. Much more than just a job At B.

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The material can be but once used; being consequently thrown away as worthless". The common use of "tinker's dam" may have influenced the English phrase tinker's curse , which expresses contempt. The phrases tinker's damn and tinker's curse may also be applied to something considered insignificant. A common expression may be the examples: "I don't give a tinker's curse what the Vicar thinks", sometimes shortened to, "I don't give a tinker's about the Vicar. A tinker's curse or cuss was considered of little significance because tinkers who worked with their hands near hot metal were reputed to swear curse habitually.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about itinerant tinsmiths.

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