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It is a complex hardware as well as software security solution. EYE has five built-in detectors and ensures permanent monitoring of indoor or outdoor spaces with immediately sent reports.

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It offers great security solution and high value added services for larger homes as well as business users. Browse the history of your records, connect for live image streaming and manage the camera settings, accessories and timers.

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Available in all browsers. Being in such a kind of business few years already, I must admit that horses are both work and also a passion.

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When you figure out,… Show story. Thanks to wireless communication over mobile technology the camera can be used without need of building any infrastructure. Show story. Littering, theft of wood and plants and destruction of tourism destinations are the biggest threats to the nature today. Show more stories.

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Ask your local distributor for more available accessories. Wireless fire detector JAS detects the presence of fire, reacting to visible smoke or exceeding a critical temperature.

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  5. Center Lasermarker A small dot of laser light, projected from the camera head down onto the working surface marks the center of the pickup area of the camera. This makes it very easy to position items correctly under the camera.

    The Zoom Contact Lens

    The lasermarker is synchronized with the camera so that it does not appear in any onscreen or recorded images. Flexible Memory Options Recorded videos and pictures can be saved to the 8GB internal memory which has enough capacity to store thousands of images, or an average of 10 hours of video footage depending on the content.

    Alternatively, USB sticks or external hard drives can be used to provide extra storage space if required. Efficient Knowledge Transfer via Streaming The EYE or connected WolfVision vSolution Link software can stream out video and audio to computers, tablets, or smartphones on the internal network or the internet using either H.

    Moving Pictures

    An external device receiving the camera's stream can also be used as a control monitor. The 56x zoom 14x optical zoom and 4x digital gives great flexibility in presentations and lectures enabling objects as large as an open book or as small as a postage stamp can be easily picked up. Instead, it depends on how high above the table the camera is mounted.

    The tables show the ratio between mounting height and pick-up sizes. Optional Dry-erase Working Surfaces Self-adhesive dry-erase working surfaces are available as optional accessory items. This enables an EYE system to be used as a whiteboard or 'digital flipchart' for making handwritten notes during a lecture or presentation.