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This color is his abstract art signature, similar to what blue was for Yves Klein or white for Robert Ryman. Soulages , who, in an interview at his studio, shared a story from when he was a boy of 6 and his older sister found him drawing thick black lines in ink with a brush. Today Mr. Soulages is, at least in financial terms, the most successful living artist in France. His retrospective at the Pompidou Center, which attracted over , visitors, was the largest show the museum has ever devoted to a living artist. In , he became the first contemporary artist to be exhibited at the Hermitage, in St.

Soulages said. In December, Mr. Soulages will be 95, but he says he is not considering retirement, much less his legacy. The museum, housed in a series of rusty black steel cubes, was designed by the Catalan architects RCR and contains a cafe by the Michelin three-star chef Michel Bras. Soulages insisted that Mr. Bras design a menu that art students could afford, and he also set aside a 5,square-foot space in the museum to exhibit work by a diverse range of artists.

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Spending two years travelling throughout urban and peri-urban landscapes that will be soon irrigated by a new public transport system, Pierre-Olivier Deschamps has, in this way, formed a solid base of memory before the begining of those major constructions. The photographic campaign, made with a photographic chamber, has produced a serie of more than pictures all along several hundred of kilometres. The overexposure of the events shown by the continuous broadcasting, over the news channels, of the pictures of the attacks creates for the passer-by a strange feeling of familiarity when visiting the places affected by the drama.

Wishing to anchor my pictures in a new experience, with a new point of view, at a right distance, I had the feeling of being pushed by an effort of reappropriation of the urban landscape and its new scars. The disappearance of the signs of compassionate demonstrations is inevitable.

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I left, thinking I would work with minimalism and outlines. My exile and my status of gaijin, stranger, made me understand that I was not invited to celebrate the archetypes dear to the Japanese culture, neither there nor anywhere else, but to take up the modest role of a passer-by, enjoying the light, the grain of the material, the lightness of the air, and their unexpectedness.

The prestigious luxury brand Hermes goes eco-friendly. Pascale Mussard, founder and artistic director of petit h decided to gather competences between artists and craftmen to give birth to unique pieces or limited series, which will soon be sold in various Hermes boutiques wordlwide. A Hermes bag is made from a unique piece of leather, and only in its best and smoothest part. Any other part which does not respond to the highest quality standard of the brand is rejected from production.

The idea to re-use these high quality leather offcuts lead to a new eco-friendly The Greek light marks the time passing through the day and makes a giant sundial of the Acropolis Museum; it was the initial intuition of this photographic series. The contrast marked by the black and white and the shadows, the passer-by, the tourists, the amateur photographers. And the shadow of the photographer and his tripod.

All those things had to fill out this series. Nowadays in Paris, traces of shelters on the street for a marginalized humanity. This Swiss architect studied woodworking through his learning. He thought of a space where the materials used allows the water to gushes. The mineral, the centre of attention, is also essential in the creation of each of these images.