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Wood, Nephite visits the narrator. Owen, Two strangers appear, ask for food, give blessing to woman, disappear. Owen, Nephite visits, ask for food, give blessing to the woman, disappear. Johnson, Mysterious old lady appears to lost children; leads them back to camp. Gifford, Nephite tells lady to break bread, not cut it.

Gifford, Nephites make several visits to family of narrator. Gifford, Nephite taught school with particular success.

The Project Gutenberg e-Book of The Discovery Of America; Author: John Fiske.

Brooks, Woman believes she is cursed with Bermuda grass in her yard, for turning away a tramp. Palmer, Nephite guides train of settlers to San Juan; mysteriously disappears. Brooks, Stranger tells mid-wife remedy for epidemic illness. Worthen, Nephite gives blessing in exchange for food; disappears. Jarvis, Nephite begs ride in wagon, gives special advice, disappears. Worthen, Stranger preaches Restored Gospel in Southern States, in preparation for arrival of Mormon missionaries. Flanigan, Stranger given ride; convinced he was a Nephite. Worthen, Stranger asks for food; disappears.

McHugh, Stranger brings English newspaper which has Ballad family genealogy in it.

McAllister, Temple healing effected after stranger brings money in answer to dream. Seegmiller, The wandering Jew visits two brothers in the Muddy Valley; disappears after identifying himself. McAllister, Strange man tells woman what to do for an epidemic illness in Mexico; disappears. Hall, All Three Nephites, on donkeys, seen on Arizona strip; disappears. Hall, Stranger begs ride, converses, disappears.

Hall, Missionaries feel the power of the devil trying to overcome them. Hall, Missionary, providentially set apart with power to heal, cures sick child. Jarvis, Story of last instance of Indian bucks fighting for a squaw in Southern Utah. Brooks, One of Cannon family struck dumb for his blasphemy; cured by re-baptism. Brooks, Nephite begs ride from Anthony W.

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Jarvis, Use of a spiritualistic medium in locating mines; story of the discovery of Silver Reef Mine. Palmer, Grandparents of narrator converted to Mormonism; illegitimate child appears in dream, asks that temple work be done for her. Paulson, Stranger gives testimony at meeting in Central Utah; seconds later is speaking at a meeting in North Ogden. Bush, Belief that Utah seagulls are whiter than those of rest of world. Bower, Nephite appears to grandmother as promised in patriarchal blessing; disappears.

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Fife, Devil appears to narrators grandmother. Hanchett, Digging for deposits of precious metal made near Tijuana, Mexico on the U. Whitby, Garments protect Mormons, slain by Indians, from being scalped. Taylor, Porter Rockwell given promise of protection if he never cuts his hair; episode of protection from plotting his death.

Taylor, Brigham Young strikes house made of rock with cane, and promises it will stand forever. Knight, Remembers story of eel-shaped monster in Bear Lake. Stevens, Stories of the outlaw, Lopez.

Stevens, Polygamist father fails to recognize his own son. Stevens, Lost cow found through dream; events foretold by dreams. Stevens, Jesse Knight refused credit for food on night before he struck it rich at Eureka. Gull, Jesse Knight promises the Lord if He will give him wealth he will use it for the good of the Church and poor people.

Gull, Indian member of Church develops white spots on skin. Stevens, Stranger appears, asks for food, disappears. Eggett, Polygamist father fails to identify own son, and son does not know father. Wettstein, Child with crippled leg healed by Apostle Ballard. Wettstein, Child with appendicitis healed by fasting, prayer, laying on of hands. Wettstein, Woman sick from miscarriage healed by family prayer circle. Stevens, Remarks by a member of the Smith family on how property in Salt Lake was originally divided.

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Eggett, Child prays for three nights for red-top boots for Christmas; is given three pair. Jones, Old man thought to be a Nephite asks for food, disappears, reappears same moment in town twelve miles away. Pack, How widow earned living for three children. Pack, Man struck dead by lightning; revived by anointing with oil. Fisher, Patriarch tells lady with kidney stones her cure depends on church work, she becomes a teacher and is cured miraculously.

Fisher, Shadow follows man home, tells him he is to go build House of God. Nielsen, Notes on Bill Hickman. Nielsen, Notes on Porter Rockwell.

King, Child sees man for whom he is being vicariously baptized. Nielsen, How Sanpete got its name. Nielsen, Account of the snakes at the Manti temple site. Nielsen, Child feeds rattlesnake from same spoon he uses and becomes ill. King, Nephite appears to convert in Newark, N. King, Two strangers, thought to be Nephites, arrive in answer to her prayer for help and administer to a sick child who is instantly healed.

Christianson, Two cases of healing by Elders while crossing the plains. Christianson, Strange woman appears, delivers child to polygamist wife; disappears. Christianson, Child feeds rattlesnake from same spoon he uses, and becomes ill. Christianson, Ship on which Mormons sail is saved, while other vessels are sunk in storms. Christianson, Boy, shot by Indians, healed by anointing with oil and laying on of hands. Reed, Debate of Walker and Soweat over whether or not they should attack the Mormon settlers in Sanpete.

Reed, Boy finds his way home in snow storm, while two men who refuse to go with him are lost. King, Man protected from Indians in answer to prayer and by still small voice. Tatton, Manti snake story. Lee, Belief that Heber J. Roberts, Seagulls and crickets story. Roberts, Polygamy reminiscences, and life in early Utah.

Roberts, Polygamy reminiscences. Roberts, Life in the polygamous household of John Pack. Butler, Hardships of early days in Utah; the sego lily.