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To apply this lesson to your business, look for ways to use your community to help the business grow. For instance, can you barter barter your product or service for a product or service you need?

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Can you invite friends to come over and make products or help pack and ship orders in exchange for some beer and pizza? As your business grows, you are going to need to hire some help, and the Amish might be able to guide you here too.

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The Amish manage humbly, often working to remove obstacles for employees so that those employees can do a better job. Amish folks have a reputation for being kind, honest, and decidedly modest. And these old-timey qualities make for a great customer experience. The Swiss radicals illegally rebaptized themselves in January , an intolerable challenge to the state authorities who controlled the church.

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Over the next years, thousands of Anabaptists were executed by civil and religious authorities; Anabaptist hunters were commissioned to torture, burn, drown or dismember them. Meanwhile, a Dutch Anabaptist, Menno Simons, became such a powerful leader that his followers were soon calling themselves Mennonites. The Amish emerged a century and a half later, in , after a split with the Mennonites led by Jacob Amman, a leader in Alsace. The first large group of Amish to settle in Lancaster County arrived in Philadelphia in , on the ship the Charming Nancy. The centuries of bloody persecution led in part to their decision to separate themselves from the outside world.

Today Lancaster County is a complex mix of Amish sects and the generally more modern Mennonites, lumped together under the term Pennsylvania Dutch, which refers to the many groups that fled southern Germany for Pennsylvania. More progressive Amish groups have splintered off; today most of Lancaster County's Amish are Old Order Amish, the most distinct in their customs and the fastest growing and one of the largest groups of Amish in the United States. They have worked as farmers traditionally, but in recent years more than half the adults have become entrepreneurs in small businesses like farm machinery, furniture and crafts.

Next stop after the museum was Aaron and Jessica's Buggy Rides, billed by the guidebooks as the only buggy business owned and run by the Amish. Our buggy was a sedate gray, but unlike the enclosed boxes that the Amish really drive, ours had big side windows for a better view and rubber around the wheels for a smoother ride. The Amish use steel, believing that rubber will lead to mobility and the car. For half an hour, under a brilliant sky, our horse pulled past alfalfa fields and orchards of pear, peach and apple trees.

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  8. It was quiet, bountiful and orderly, a landscape molded with thought and discipline. Our guide pointed out a windmill, the house of a bishop -- the main religious authority for the surrounding district -- and a one-room school house.

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    A Supreme Court decision gave the Amish the right to take their children out of school after the eighth grade; the Amish believe that a high school education separates children from their parents and values. On the way back, our guide pulled the buggy into the driveway of a small farmhouse, calling out to two children in Pennsylvania German. We had lunch in nearby Smoketown at Good 'n' Plenty.

    From the roadside billboards, I could see it was a big tour-bus magnet and I did not have high hopes. But inside at communal tables we were served an amazingly delicious array of Pennsylvania Dutch food: crisp, succulent fried chicken, creamy mashed potatoes, buttered noodles, forever-cooked green beans mushy and wonderful , rhubarb sauce, Jell-O and shoofly pie.

    We waddled out an hour later. In the afternoon, we drove off Route 30, the attraction-glutted main highway, and into the countryside. We took Route out of Intercourse and turned left on Cattail Road, bouncing past teams of horses in the fields. That was nice. Then we headed over the gentle hills to Lapp Valley Farm in New Holland, where the children got homemade ice cream from a little shop and wandered around looking at the cows, a bloody-necked ostrich that had lost a fight and a peacock that insisted on opening its fan out of picture range in the garage.

    That was nice, too.

    Then we looped back to Bird in Hand, stopped at the disappointing farmer's market -- more tour buses parked outside -- and Hannah Stoltzfoos Quilts, where I bought two potholders. We had dinner in Mount Joy at Groff's Farm Restaurant, a sunny country club golfer-type place, not Amish, with Betty Groff's creamed chicken Stoltzfus in pastry shells and Betty herself making a fuss over the children. Kraybill, now the provost of Messiah College, a liberal arts college in Grantham, Pa.

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    Was it possible, I asked, to have an authentic Amish experience for a weekend in Lancaster County?