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This produces the feeling of freefall. As you may have guessed, the Zambian Space Program never got off the ground. Another of my astronauts has joined a local tribal song and dance group.

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I first encountered Nkoloso in a work of art that tries to imagine a different outcome. In the photos, models in raffia skirts and Afro-patterned space suits meander across a desert fitted with rusted machinery and impassive elephants. Projects like this present Nkoloso as an eccentric visionary—an early pioneer of Afrofuturism, a term Mark Dery coined in to describe the nexus of black art and technoculture. Dreamy and speculative, they are a little flexible with facts. There are no deserts in Zambia. The leader of these exercises wears an army helmet and a cape over high-waisted pants, a dress shirt, and tie.

A British reporter takes Nkoloso aside to interview him. Chesterton used Nkoloso as evidence of the folly of granting independence to African nations. But primarily they are technological accessories. When she arrives on Mars she will open the door of the rocket and drop the cats on the ground.

If they survive, she will then see that Mars is fit for human habitation. In answer to direct questions as to whether she found orbiting thrilling, valuable, or merely routine, [Mwamba] ducked her head shyly and giggled charmingly. It is for you Americans. In his memoir, Hoppe said that the journalists covering the violence in the Congo next door had mocked him roundly for covering such a trifle. I believed it was the Africans who were satirizing our multi-billion-dollar space race against the Russians.

The Zambian version of this witty, wily hare is named Kalulu. He is constantly devising elaborate trouble for elephant and lion, the two mighty beasts competing for King of the Jungle. I wondered if he had actually named it after Kalulu.

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In , Nkoloso wrote an Op-Ed about his space program that read to me like a parody of British colonialism in Africa, refracted through a paranoid Cold War sensibility. Specially trained spacegirl Matha Mwamba, two cats also specially trained and a missionary will be launched in our first rocket. But I have warned the missionary he must not force Christianity on the people if they do not want it. Perhaps the question is not whether the Zambian Space Program was satirical but why so few have imagined that it could be. Zambian irony is very subtle. A couple of years after my first encounter with the Afronaut, I came across a interview with him in a Zambian magazine.

The lights went out just as they tossed the corpse on the floor. We have killed the wife of [Prime Minister] Welensky and we shall soon pounce on you! He was born in , in the north of Northern Rhodesia, a prince of the Bemba warrior tribe; as a child, he received the distinctive scars to the temples. Nkoloso met Kaunda as a young man; like the future President, he had a missionary education, learning theology, Latin, and French.

Nkoloso wanted to join the priesthood but was drafted to serve in the Second World War, for the British, as a member of the Northern Rhodesian Regiment. Over the course of stints in Abyssinia and Burma, he was promoted up through the ranks in the Signal Corps, the communications branch of the military. I learned more about both from his son, Mukuka Nkoloso, Jr. But when Nkoloso returned from the war, the colonial administration denied him a permit to found his own school.

He opened it anyway, and was prosecuted. Like black veterans around the world, Nkoloso had discovered that fighting for white men did not grant him a better life back home. Nkoloso drifted between secondary schools around the country, teaching Latin, science, and math. One day, Nkoloso and some fellow-teachers were having lunch at his home when a new British education official came by. A kerfuffle ensued about whether the Africans had the right to take a lunch break.

He was fired. At the time, the Copperbelt was one of the most politically contested parts of the colonial territory then known as the Federation. The second Prime Minister of the Federation, Roy Welensky, was determined to hold onto the valuable mines in the north rather than handing power over to the blacks.


The veterans and miners in the Copperbelt had other ideas. The typed notes, held together with rusty staples, reveal a young Nkoloso eager to promote his progressive ideas and showcase his education.

Nkoloso soon gained a reputation as a political agitator in the Copperbelt. As the Zambian historian Walima T. Having established himself as a troublemaker, Nkoloso later got caught up in a sweeping arrest of trade unionists. Would have loved an epilogue or some sort. Loved this!! This book series was a easy read and it really held my interest. I demolished both books one right after the other!

I really loved Stevie and her guys! They had sexy chemistry and lots of action to keep you intrigued. Jan 29, Angela rated it liked it. Not quite Kinda disappointed in this one.

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There was such a build up from the first book that this one fell flat. Oct 16, Davida rated it liked it. Okay Unfortunately this book and really the series isn't anything to write home about. I found the romance story to be so unbelievable and ridiculous. I read the second book because I don't like leaving anything unfinished but I will not be looking for any other books by this author.

Oct 15, Cheri rated it it was amazing. Stevie is heartbroken. A newly turned succubus, she has an unbeatable enemy. It seems she and her four hot demon protectors can't beat her. To save Stevie's life, they agree to bond with the villain succubus.

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How is she going to free her guys and defeat this being? Thank goodness for good friends. They aren't Stevie's team, but all the Stevie is heartbroken.

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They aren't Stevie's team, but all the help available is needed. Getting the guys out of lockdown is step one. Keeping them all alive, especially the ebbing Stevie is step two. There are so many more steps I lost count. This is a complicated fix.

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The end will surprise you. It sure did me. But it was was a satisfying end for all. A really good Reverse Harem read. I voluntarily reviewed this advanced reader copy and I have not been compensated in any way. Dec 05, S rated it liked it. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Losing her protectors has devastated Stevie and she concocts a plan with Brie to go save them. As they are educating themselves on how to gain more p I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

As they are educating themselves on how to gain more powers another set of demon protectors show up for Brie. These guys are not even the B team they are more like the C team of protectors Asher, Kason and Parker.

Its almost like the author resented these guys or resented Brie having hot sexy protectors. During the story Asher and Kason are sent on food runs or given tasks to occupy them or at times not even in the story. We learn more about Parker and he is given more lines and has input on planning attacks and strategy.

This book had a little of everything thrown in to drag out this second book. The story actually could have wrapped with the first book. You mean all this time and this is what it was…what the heck.