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During the night, she heard a dripping sound in the house and woke up.

Humans Can Lick, Too

Tired, she ignored it and put her hand by her dog and he licked her. Later, it woke her up again and she put her hand down and her hand was licked again. She got up to go to the bathroom and when she turned on the light, she saw her dog with its throat cut and hanging from the shower head.

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Wriften on the mirror in her dog's blood were the words, "humans can lick too. Isn't it just a common urban legend posted in many blogs, websites, and such?

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Humans Can Lick Too (Canon T3i Short)

After being asleep for a short time she awoke to a dripping noise coming from the bathroom. Not afraid, but curious as to what the noise was she lowered her hand down beside her bed to gain a little comfort from the Alsatian. She felt the warmth of his soft tongue as he licked her hand, showing her that he was O.

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  • K and that everything would be alright. Feeling assured she drifted off to sleep once more.

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    Waking once again to the sounds of the dripping tap, or whatever it was, in the bathroom she instinctively dropped her hand down to pet her dog. Once again her dog offered up the loyal companionship that only a much trusted and loved pet can, and licked her hand and she once again fell asleep. Wondering where her parents were at this time of night it was about 3.

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    A horrifying sight met her, the dog had been mutilated and was creating the dripping noise, as blood slowly fell and pooled on the floor below. Screaming she ran back through the house and attempted to call the police. The phone was dead, and she turned to suddenly see her parents also mutilated behind her. Her screams could be heard as she looked down at a note written in blood, it read: "Humans Can Lick Too My Beautiful".

    She then runs madly for the stairs only to see a black figure waiting with open arms to catch her. Variations on this story: The girl is baby sitting some children for the night, she walks outside to throw out the garbage. The parents have left the home pleading with the young babysitter to beware if the air sirens sound as this is warning that a criminal has escaped from the local asylum.