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Luke - Heavens on Fire (Spanish Fly Club Mix)

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Luke - Heavens On Fire Lyrics

Comments 0 You must be logged in to add a comment. Check us out on. You think your soul is nice you've lived in paradise so now you take the stand you want to hold your masters hand you think your soul is free look up and you'll see me the pearly gates ablaze the angels bear the zombies gaze heavens on fire and there ain't nothing you can do heavens on fire and when you die you'll go there too the angel's life their death no there ain't nothing left the clowns of God despise but torment renders no disguise the skies a blazing tomb plenty sorrow plenty doom they hattle living sin the souls of God can't hate to win if God is so almighty they why is he enslaved in heavens hell by satan the universe his slave satan rides the skies look up you'll see his eyes disguised as endless stars to keep an eye on endless wars do you believe in God he's chained up like a dog and every hour he screams satan rules supreme.

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Dandelions Antti illustrates a cheeky figure smelling a flower. Heaven's on Fire.

Heaven's On Fire - The Radio Dept. - VAGALUME

Antti Kalevi?! Hey Baby. Purple Flower on Red Background. Peach Flower.

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Blue Flower on Red Dotted Background. White Flower on Red Background. Portraits of Plants.

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