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Often attributed to his abnormally long fingers, Liszt's playing exhibited — and his compositions require — a command of the keyboard and a level of technical dexterity that has only been achieved by the very best players. Before turning to composition later in life, Liszt maintained a rigorous concert schedule across Europe, using his sensational technique and charismatic stage persona to dazzle audiences.

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He also used these concerts to promote the music of other composers through his widely popular transcriptions of larger orchestral works, which showed audiences the truly symphonic capabilities of the piano. As Liszt turned more and more towards composition, he became a champion within a group known as the "New German School," based in Weimar.

His aesthetic sensibilities were nothing short of revolutionary, and looked forward to many of the stylistic and formal hallmarks of Impressionism and other strains of Modernism, making him an influential and underappreciated force in nineteenth-century art music. Most Esteemed Sir, —Again I owe you many and special thanks. And above all, he composed incessantly.

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His musical oeuvre comprises piano works, 77 lieder, 25 orchestral works, 65 sacred and 28 secular choral pieces, plus numerous arrangements and compositions for organ and other instruments. It is thus no wonder that today he remains a prominent figure in numerous countries in different ways.

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