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You do not need to worry about the links or sockets either since we only use one 6 link setup. Helmet Slot Spoiler As this build is not heavily reliant on unique items, you can pretty much just use rare gear for all of your other equipment. This is just a basic rare helmet with a good life roll plus resists. Nothing too fancy. We have good Frenzy Charge uptime as well so we are usually getting the max damage from our Flicker Strike. You can still run it without the helmet enchant, but it is just for some extra quality of life and really gives Flicker Strike much more a punch.

Gloves Slot Spoiler Just some random gloves that I randomly crafted. We got some decent flat life on it along with some increased attack speed which gives us some more damage.

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Nothing too fancy here. I already had a lot of my resistances capped so I tried to get some chaos resistance on random pieces of my gear for some quality of life. These have gotten me by for all the content so far. Boots Slot Spoiler Another random piece of gear that I crafted. Nothing too special here either. Just get as much resists and life as you can on your rare gear and you are good to go. Chaos resistance is just quality of life. Capping your resistances should be really easy since we are using mostly rare gear.

I just fossil crafted it and hit a pretty decent roll after 5 or 6 attempts. It gives us solid flat life and a good amount of total resistances. I got lucky on the increased elemental damage roll, but hey, I will take it. The more life you can get, the better, obviously. Ring 1 Slot Spoiler The second required unique of the build and honestly one of the items that gets rid of one of our huge weaknesses: Dream Fragments. This unique ring makes it so we cannot be inflicted with chill and freeze. This gives us immunity to both of these ailments because of it.

For a Flicker Strike build, getting interrupted which prevents us from flickering is one of the biggest reasons why you get killed.

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Getting stunned along with running out of Frenzy Charges are the other two ways to stop us from flickering. Being stun immune also ensures that we do not become stunned while we use Flicker Strike, which is another huge weakness of a Flicker Strike build. So when you pair Overwhelm with Dream Fragments, we have no way of being interrupted while we Flicker Strike.

The only way here would be if we run out of Frenzy Charges but with the nature of this build, this will rarely happen if never.

Since I have been using this build, I have not stopped flickering once yet. Ring 2 Slot Spoiler This is your standard rare ring. Try to get as much life as you can as usual, but prioritize in capping your resistances first. Any extra mods on the ring are just quality of life. This is the ring I have been using since then and it has carried me through the content just fine. Amulet Slot Spoiler The current amulet that I am using the build.

I could get more life on the amulet, but I just kept using it because it capped the rest of my resistances and also had some decent chaos resistance on it for some quality of life. I just crafted the increased elemental damage for some extra DPS. I will most likely be upgrading this amulet for one with more life, but this one has been getting me by just fine as of right now. Jewels Spoiler Here are some jewels that I crafted myself for this build. In general, I usually just alt spam and self-craft my gear.

It is kind of annoying finding the specific kind of jewel you want and sometimes they can get really pricey, which is why I would rather do them myself. Prioritize in getting your life rolls first, and then increased fire damage. If you want to cap off your ignite chance, try to get some jewels that have change to ignite on them as well.

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If you are missing any other attributes or resistances, your jewels will also be a great spot to get them. The jewel sockets just offer us a lot of extra customization so use them as you please. If you can get ignite chance on any of your jewels then that is just a bonus. Flasks Spoiler This is the current flask setup I use for this build.

The Wise Oak is obviously good in offering us some fire penetration as long as our fire resistances are the highest capped resistance. This is quite easy with this build. Just make sure you have your fire resistance as your highest capped resistance and you will always get the bonus from The Wise Oak. The other 3 flasks are really just for utility and some extra damage boost. As long as you have a Silver Flask and a Sulphur Flask, you will be getting the most damage you can get for your flasks.

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For your flasks, I personally think immune to shock, curses and ignites are the best mods you can get on your magic flasks. We are also already immune to bleed by being a Slayer. Though we are pretty tanky and overleech helps us a lot in that department, there is nothing wrong with being on the safer side.

Just take these small tips with your flask setup and you should be good to go.

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Skill Gems This is the current skill gem setups that I use. One thing to note is that this build only utilizes one 6 link setup. Otherwise, just follow the other links as is unless you are in the situation that I listed above. The gems are prioritized in each of the skill gem setups so you know what gems to get first and to prioritize. As mentioned from before, these skill gems are ordered in the priority that you should use the setup in.

If you are using a 4 link, use the first 4 gems, with a 5 link, use the first 5 gems and so on. You can run this with a 4 link and still get by pretty well since the first 4 skill gems are the core of the actual Flicker Strike setup.

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As long as you use these 4 gems, the build should run fine until you can get a 5 link or a 6 link. The 2 other links do make a huge difference though so if you can get them, I would highly suggest you do. We are really just utilizing this setup to get more damage, but also getting us some extra chance to ignite. Vaal Haste is just here for some extra damage. Pop it during a boss fight to get a boost in DPS.

You can also use it while mapping since it refills up pretty quick, but make sure you have it charged up and ready to use for a boss fight. Obviously we are not using the regular Haste so do not activate it. We will not have enough mana to reserve it. The Vaal version of the skill is the only reason why we use it.

Ancestral Protector technically does not need to be linked to the setup.

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We just socket the gem in this setup just so we can use Ancestral Protector to boost our DPS during a fight. The only real time you need to use Ancestral Protector is during a boss fight. Just drop the totem before you engage the boss and then proceed to Flicker Strike your enemies to oblivion.

We need to make sure we use Blood Magic Support in our setup so we can keep using Leap Slam without worrying about our low mana pool. Blood Magic Support makes it so our skills in the current link use life instead of mana. Summon Flame Golem is just there for some extra damage for our Flicker Strike. Just make sure you have your flame golem up as much as you can and definitely before a boss fight to ensure maximum damage from the get go.

With overleech, you should not have to worry about spamming Leap Slam to move around the map.