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Go to iTunes Continue to Web Version. A popular class breaks down how our brains respond to music. How the Brain Responds to Music. Explore Click on the region of the brain to the right to learn more about how it effects your perception of music. Hippocampus What Produces and retrieves memories, regulates emotional responses and helps us navigate.

Great in the car and a must have for messy projects - waterproof, stylish and reversible! Learn new communication and engagement strategies to improve time spent with your loved one. Easily attaches to grab bar, soap dish or shower head! Initiate conversations through music!

Flashlight Memories

Seen on Shark Tank - a great eyewear holder for reading glasses and sunglass! A helpful guide to coping and preparing for individuals with Alzheimer's and dementia.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - Flashlight POV / No lighting

Wipes clean for use over and over again! A heart warming journey between a husband and wife! Let us know! Browse The Alzheimer's Store Products All In One Place! Automatic Pill Dispenser - MedReady Senior safety medication dispenser - accidental double dosing virtually impossible! One Button Radio A new innovation designed to offer an easy way to listen to your favorite radio station! Magic Painting Book An entertaining activity book!

Paint With Water Coloring Books Fun themes to paint with water designed to nurture creativity and imagination! Music Duo Bring the gift of music to your loved ones!!! Handyman Life Station The Handyman Life Station offers memory care residents the opportunity to use safe, but familiar accessories in a workshop environment. Gardening Life Station Life skill stations encourage a sense of purpose through familiar activities. Fishing Life Station The Fishing Life Station offers memory care residents the opportunity to use safe, but familiar accessories in a fishing environment.

Laundry Life Station The Laundry Life Station offers memory care residents the opportunity to experience washing and folding clothes in a safe environment. Busy Board Activity for Alzheimer's 6 Gadgets Keeps you entertained for hours and enhances fine motor skills!! Paint With Water-2 Pack See colors magically appear!

Dry Erase Coloring Book Great feature that includes the finished product on the page! Pill Box Dispenser - Med-e-lert A safe way of dispensing daily medications! Easy StandUp Walker A stand-assist device that can address mobility issues! Perfect Petzzz Golden Retriever Lifelike pets that actually breathe! Perfect Petzzz Yorkie Lifelike pets that actually breathe! Perfect Petzzz Orange Tabby Lifelike pets that actually breathe!

Memory Box Never forget where your room is! Dial-less Telephone Eliminates anxiety to dial out Activity Pillow Our Activity Pillow is suggested for dementia patients who fidget. Door Guardian A clever lock to prevent wandering!

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Fidget Apron Sure to prompt memories and stimulate reminiscence! Refrigerator Latches Used by professional child proofers! Conversation Game For Dementia Much more than just a game! Partner Plus Communication Device Great way to communicate! Anti Scald Device Anti-scalding in bathroom for senior safety. Day of the Week Clock Great conversation piece! Mattress Protector - Save-a-Sheet Always have a fresh bed sheet to sleep on! Medication Lock Box - Seniors Ideal when there are multiple caregivers! Door Alarm with Keypad Always know when a door is opened - help prevent wandering!

UnGame For Seniors A great icebreaker! Daily Activities Sequencing Game Great product to work on sequence concepts! Memory Training Game Brings back forgotten memories from long ago!

Your first flashlight memory??

Grocery Shopping Game Stimulates memory recall and conversation! Tool Shopping Game Stimulates memories about using tools-great for the men in your life! Harvest It Game Stimulates memories about growing fruits and veggies! Finish The Phrase Game Engages memory and conversation about common phrases!

Therapeutic Puzzles Pretty Kitty This kitty will bounce right into your heart! Mothballs in My Attic Memory - fill-in-the-blank activities. Day and Night Clock Never again mistake whether its day or night! Thumball Memory Activity Lots of fun for the entire family! Safety Glassware You can still enjoy a relaxing glass of wine! Gel-Wave Pad A unique design provides excellent tactical and visual activity. Stop Sign Banner Great deterrent for dementia wandering!

Therapeutic Weighted Elephant An ideal way to provide heat and cold therapy! Teddy Bears A favorite teddy bear now available in a smaller size! Comfort Companion Therapy Pets Makes a great gift! Memory Phone Never forget another phone number!

Flashlight Memories: A Real Treat

Automatic Faucet Control Turning the water on and off has never been easier! Fall Prevention Alarm Great way to prevent a fall! Aerobics for the Mind Dementia activity to stimulate the brain! Rinse-Free Bath Concentrate Make bathing a stress-free experience! Rinse-Free Shampoo It's a great feeling when your hair is clean!

Wheelchair Anti-Tipping Device Great way to prevent wheelchairs from tipping over! The Alzheimer's Dialogs Listen at home or pop in the car Activity Apron Dementia activity to keep occupied. Plumbers Pal Pipes Stimulates creative thinking and reasoning skills! Starry Night Squishy Pad Great way to keep calm and busy! Language Cards Great for on the go activities! The Simple Lifting Aid Takes the strain off from lifting!

Peach Sheet Care Pads Always be protected with these pads! Deluxe Bath Cape Look forward to this cozy cape after your bath! Shake Loose a Memory Game Recall memories with this fun game!

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Emotion Cards Activities that generate conversaion. Door Stop Sign A great visual aid to prevent roaming! Adult Liners - Tranquility Avoid leakage with this liner!

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Creating Moments of Joy A wonderful book showing how to create memorable moments for dementia patients Remember Me? Through the Seasons Activity Book An activity book for memory-challenged adults and caregivers. The Big Holiday Book for Seniors Chuckle full of activities for people with dementia for a holiday fun celebration! Wishing on a Star Wonderful to help with memory skills! Enhancing Self and Sense of Home Find ways to make living in a facility more comforting Wrap With Pockets A very comfortable choice of wrap!

Other colors available! Conversations Picture Cards Fun card games for the entire family! Adult Daytime Underwear Best daytime briefs for incontinence! Tushman is very excited about the way this new work has been received. A transplanted New Englander, a psychotherapist, living in a piece of the very Deep South which dearly loves its crazy people, she notes she is hardly noticed among the bougainvilleas and Spanish moss.

In my satchel, a letter from my father permitting me to obtain a library ticket was all I could think about. Christine, a friend, was a member, and she had something I wanted, something I couldn't have.