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Light blue and cloud sky and deep blue ocean. The Henry Ford was built by A. Story and its home port was Gloucester, Massachusetts.

The boat plans were drawn in and donated to the Mystic Seaport Museum. It won the International Cup Elimination trial but lost to Bluenose in The racing fisherman, as this boat is known as, was designed primarily to meet the requirements of International racing and have been held up as the finest examples of the Gloucester fishing schooners that were ever built. Housed in its original carved and wood gilt frame. Titled on top of back stretcher. A nice early work. Large oil on canvas scene shows waves crashing onto rocky coastline. A nice rendition of this popular spot.

Housed in its original green washed molded wood frame with white liner. Accompanying the painting is the original typed receipt from Emile A. Gruppe Gallery dated July 2, Oil on canvas board shows a dark cloud approaching over a hillside with trees and field in foreground. One feels the impending storm. Unsigned front, but signed and titled on reverse by the artist.

Housed in a good gilt decorative frame with gilt liner. Oil on board shows green and white waves crashing on grass covered rocky ledge. Storm clouds in background. Housed in a partial gilt molded wood frame. Outstanding oil on canvas harbor scene shows two men working on a red skiff in foreground. A large dock with lobster traps and building and boats, houses and trees in the background. All under a cloud and blue sky. Slack N.

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Sold as No. Slack March Fine oil on masonite summer scene shows a large Colonial red house having a two-story red barn on stone foundation. Fields lined with rock walls spotted with trees.

Housed in a fine carved and gilt modern wood frame. Outstanding large oil on canvas Maine harbor scene shows a fishing shack at the end of an inlet with a boatyard. Several boats are seen on land with lobster traps and various other boatyard items. The sun shines on the inlet and boatyard causing a jeweled reflection over the whole scene.

Housed in a fine modern carved and gilt wood frame. Outstanding large watercolor Maine scene shows two houses next to ocean inlet harboring two sailboats. A mountain is seen in the background. Possibly a scene in Mt. Desert Island. Lester Stevens N. Watercolor harbor scene shows a river at the end of a harbor surrounded by buildings and hills. A large church is seen on edge of hill. Probably a northern Maine coastal scene. Housed in a gesso decorated gilt frame with white matte. Watercolor scene shows a village with large church nestled below green and blue hillside.

A fisherman tends to drying fish on rack in foreground. Possibly a Maine scene. Housed in a modern gilt wood frame with white matte.

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Watercolor scene shows a sunset reflecting on the rocky cliffs with water crashing on the lower rocks and sparse trees on a hillside in the foreground. A flock of seagulls is seen along the cliffs. Beautifully housed in a blue and gold wood frame with thick linen matte. In Triscott moved to Monhegan and lived there permanently until the end of his life.

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He was one of the first artists to make the island his home. Fine watercolor scene shows crashing waves on a rocky shore with sails on the horizon and the old fog station on a rocky bluff. Outstanding oil on board Maine shoreline scene shows tidal pools reflecting the detailed pebble, rock and brush lined beach. The colors in shades of purple, blue, gray and green. Housed in what appears to be its original weather decorated molded wood frame with gilt and linen liner.

An outstanding example of this subject matter by this Maine artist.

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Portland, Maine. Fine watercolor coastal scene shows a lobsterman in lobster boat near shore with oncoming storm clouds with rain. Signed lower left Laurence Sisson. Housed in a fine gray speckled molded wood frame with white liner and acid free ivory matte. Goauche still life scene shows a number of hanging lobster claws in various colors. Housed in a modern frame with ivory liner. Fine watercolor shows a bright yellow sun shining through pine needle branches. Housed in a painted white frame. Oil on board scene shows coastal rock shoreline having the Portland Headlight lighthouse and attached white buildings.

Sailboats are seen in the distance under a light blue cloud sky. Housed in a period gilt carved wood frame. Oil on board scene shows a sandy and rock beach that ends at large rocks. Birds are flying in a colorful sky. Signed lower right and titled on back. Housed in its original copper colored wood frame. Oil on canvas scene shows the first snows of winter. Pine trees have spots of snow and a faraway hill has snow covered ground.

Housed in its original gilt and black painted molded wood frame.